New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire Belgian White Appearing on Shelves Now


Belgian White Marks the First Addition to the Fat Tire Trademark Family


Ft. Collins, Colo. August 1, 2017 – New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire Belgian White is rolling out nationwide this month. For the first time in twenty-six years Fat Tire, an American craft beer icon, expands its trademark family by adding Fat Tire Belgian White. The new addition is a light-bodied unfiltered wheat ale brewed with juicy Seville orange peel and freshly ground coriander. It offers the perfect balance of refreshment and drinkability with just a hint of sweetness. 


“Fat Tire Belgian White is a perfect reflection of our rich history and decades of experience brewing Belgian-style beers,” said New Belgium Brewer Cody Reif. “We listened to what people want in a Belgian White and incorporated all that feedback into this beer. It definitely captures the spirit of everything we believe an authentic Belgian White should be, and what so many desire – subtle sweetness and light bodied.”


Freshly ground Indian coriander, sourced from Old Town Spice Shop in Ft. Collins, Colo., which is less than a mile from New Belgium, paired with juicy Seville orange peel gives Fat Tire Belgian White its bright, yet mild sweetness. The beer also features a blend of Nugget Hops for bittering and Cascade Hops for aroma.


Fat Tire Belgian White is available in 12oz. bottles, on draft, and in can variety packs.


Fat Tire Belgian White


Style: White Wheat Ale

Flavor: Mild sweetness, minimal bitterness

Mouthfeel: Refreshing

Body: Light body

Yeast: American Wheat Ale Yeast 

Hop Varieties: Nugget and Cascade Hops

Malt Varieties: Pale, White Wheat, and Oats

Fruits/Spices: Grains of Paradise, Fresh Ground Seville Orange Peel, Fresh Ground Indian Coriander

Color: Hazy Straw Hue with Creamy Head

Alcohol 5.2% ABV

IBUs: 12


For more information, visit To find Fat Tire Belgian White or any of New Belgium’s other offerings, visit the Beer Finder or download New Belgium’s Beer Mode app.

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