Craft Beer Christmas Gifts

Craft Beer Christmas Gifts

Tis’ the season for gift giving and consuming enough Craft Beer to make spending time with family enjoyable. Here at Craft Beer, we would like to share a few things we’ve had the chance to try over the past year. These items pass our test and would make great holiday gifts for Craft Beer loving friends.  Or you could get yourself something nice (you deserve it)!

  • Tubby Glasses have landed on the list because, well, they sent us one! At first we were skeptical about another beer glass but quickly changed our mind. The Tubby is a highball glass that can fit an entire 16oz can of Craft. It is also made of borosilicate glass just like your Mom’s Pyrex containers, so oddly enough, it’s light, oven safe and has some other cool qualities for keeping your beer pure. The guys at Tubby were nice enough to give us a discount code for our readers- use HOLIDAY25 and get 25% off.

  • Growler Werks- uKeg™ is a very useful pressurized growler. It solves the problem of keeping your limited and/or newly released beers fresh, straight from the brewer’s keg. This gift would be most appreciated by the seasoned craft beer fan. It would be totally wasted on anyone whose favorite beer is Miller Lite or Budweiser. Start here to find out why it’s worth the $149 starting price point.

  • If your loved one enjoys salty, smokey or Armenian snack foods, Chechil™ cheese is an excellent way to help them through the holiday festivities. Imagine an adult version of string cheese that is thin, woven into an oblong formation, and vacuum sealed. Our CBR taste-testers found that allowing the cheese to relax for 30-60 minutes after removing from the package made it easier to enjoy.  So plan ahead. Instant gratification doesn’t work with this cheese.

This cheese will pair nicely with most craft beers. You can purchase the original Checil Beer Snack or Chechil Beer Bites for $15.99/each plus shipping. (Warning: Checil Cheese may be habit forming because it's delicious.)

  • A Craft Beer Review t-shirt! What better way to show the world your love of Craft Beer than with a ‘Drink Craft Not Corporate’ T or the Original Craft Beer Review Baseball ¾ sleeve, shirt. High quality and the most comfortable beer drinking shirt in the world.

Finally, the gift that you can’t go wrong with, actual CRAFT BEER. To make sure you are getting real Craft make sure you #seektheseal (independent craft brewer seal)    

Start your holiday off right and choose one of the above gifts. They are sure to eliminate any awkward conversations that tend to precede your holiday craft beer buzz.